Gabor Luminous Colour Ring
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Gabor Luminous Colour Ring

Brand: Gabor (synthetic)
Model: Gabor Luminous Colour Ring
Price: $150.00
Ex GST: $130.43

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This colour ring contains swatches of synthetic hair showing the colours that many styles of the Gabor Next and Luxury Collections are manufactured in.

Use these swatches to identify your colour match or desired wig colour so you can purchase with confidence.

Using our colour charts you can search all the available wig styles in your chosen colour.

PLEASE NOTE: This is one of 3 colour ranges Gabor wigs are manufactured in. For the Basics Collection only select the Gabor Basics Colour Ring. For Gabor Next and Gabor Luxury Collections select the Gabor Luminous Colour Ring and the Gabor Plus Colour Ring




All current colours for selected styles of the  Gabor Next and Gabor Luxury Synthetic Wig collections are represented on this colour ring as follows:

GL2-6 (Black Coffee), GL4-8 (Dark Chocolate), GL6-30 (Mahogany), GL8-10 (Dark Chestnut), GL8-29 (Hazelnut), GL10-12 (Sunlit Chestnut), GL10-14 (Walnut), GL11-25 (Honey Pecan), GL12-14 (Mocha),  GL12-16 (Golden Walnut), GL14-16 (Honey Toast),  GL15-26 (Buttered Toast), GL14-22 (Sandy Blonde), GL18-23 (Toasted Pecan), GL16-27 (Buttered Biscuit), GL23-101 (Sunkissed Beige), GL27-22 (Caramel), GL27-29 (Chocolate Caramel),  GL29-31 (Rusty Auburn), GL30-32 (Dark Copper), GL33-130 (Sangria), GL38-48 (Sugared Smoke),  GL44-51 (Sugared Charcoal), GL56-60 (Sugared Silver), GL51-56 (Sugared Pewter), GL60-101 (Silvery Moon).

You can choose to buy a New unused hair colour ring to keep, or buy a Loan colour ring.

If you choose to buy a loan colour ring and return it intact  within 14 days we will issue you with a coupon of the purchase price (valid 12 months) that can be redeemed against your future purchases, including other colour rings.

(a prepaid postage label is included for returns within NZ)

Loan colour rings not returned within 14 days become a purchase and cannot be returned for a redeemable coupon. (we allow 14 days from the date of receipt)

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