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HEADLINE IT! (box of 10 head liners)

Model: HWL
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No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT!

Invented by Jodi Pliszka, M.S.

The patented No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT! is an essential product for any wig wearer. Each package consists of 10 disposable sweat elimination liners. Each liner can be used for 7-10 days. The individually wrapped packages are small enough to take with you anywhere and discretely packaged for your convenience. 

The nude back layer, is great for camouflaging the liner under wigs and headwear. The unique combination of micro-fiber materials are engineered specifically for your needs to stay dry and comfortable in the summer and winter.  The non slip material keeps wigs, hat, scarves in place, while the moisture transport system quickly draws perspiration away from the skin, wicking it into the transport layer. Two liners can be used for maximum comfort and protection. 

The No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT! was a Top Finalist on the American Inventor TV show , featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, M Magazine and is also the Winner of Best Health & Wellness Product, featured on Lifetime TV’s Health Corner.No Sweat Liner by HEADLINE IT! was used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics by a four time OLYMPIAN who gives a stellar endorsement on how well the product works under any headwear item!

Try it under your wig, baseball cap, helmet, scarf, hard hat, bump cap, golf cap or any headwear item!

Features & Benefits:

  • High tech wicking materials captures perspiration and keeps you dry!
  • Hygienic disposable liner reduces odour causing bacteria
  • Protects wigs and headwear from dirt, oil, and sweat stains
  • Ultra-thin, breathable material allows air to ventilate
  • Saves money: Extends the life of your wigs and headwear
  • Saves time: Less frequent washing of wigs
  • Keeps the head cooler in summer, warmer in winter by evaporating the sweat
  • Non-slip material under logo, helps prevent slippage in wigs, hats and scarves
  • TAN COLOR of liner blends in discretely under wigs
  • Average use ten (10) times per liner
  • Ten (10) individually wrapped liners per box. (90 day supply)


Layer 1
50/50 Viscose, Polyester

This layer absorbs perspiration and wicks it into the liner, stopping it from
running into your eyes. (Headline IT! has been tested and approved for sensitive eyes.)

Layer 2
70/30 Viscose, Polyester

This layer is even more absorbent, pulling the perspiration and impurities
into the next layer.

Layer 3
Spunbound, Meltblown, Spunbound

This layer filters out oil, salt and odors while the perspiration evaporates leaving
impurities in the liner, NOT in your wig.




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Hi Cheryl
I just had to let you know that the Headline It was a real god send this summer, what a really great product.

"I used the Headline It product at the Beijing Olympics, because the heat and humidity were so high. The liner kept sweat from dripping into my eyes, and I had the best show jumping performance of my career. I won the riding event of the pentathlon at the Olympics after just three years of learning to ride. I like how Headline It is so easy to pack and very simple to place into any helmet or hat. I used it in my running cap and it kept the stinging sweat out of my eyes so I could concentrate on getting my grove, which kept my performance at is peak. I hope everyone is using the liners in the next Olympics. I wish I had known about it earlier, because my hats and helmets would be in much better condition today."

-Sheila Taormina
Sheila Taormina is a four-time Olympian, Gold Medalist in Swimming (1996 Atlanta Olympics), and World Champion Triathlete (2004). Sheila wil be the first woman to compete in three Olympics in three different sports: swimming, triathlon, and in 2008, in the Beijing Olympics, modern pentathlon.

“Ms. Pliszka was kind enough to allow me to use a Headline It for my scrub cap. It was actually a very nice device, which allowed me to decrease any sweat that formed during surgery. I am sure this would be a very worthwhile product in any type of situation where there may be perspiration accumulating on the forehead.”

Dean W. Ziegler, M.D.

I found the Headline It! to be very useful. For instance, it helps hold back sweat from your eyes and keeps my vision clearer.
–Lance Corporal T. Goodrich

The HeadlineIt! Fits well in our helmets and they are long-lasting and light weight. They do keep sweat out of your eyes and they don’t get in the way. Overall they do work. I think that they kept my head cooler, even in the 100 degree heat.
-Lance Corporal J. Nelson

I do believe that the helmet liner reduced the amount of sweat that made it down my forehead and back of my neck, when I used two of them. They stopped the salt lines Inside my helmets that made my head itch.
-Lance Corporal J. Richmond

Overall, these statements are a pretty good representation of the general response
“I would like to emphasize that the Marines in the platoon liked wearing the Headliner It! In discussions between the non-coms and the troops, it was said that HEADLINE IT! will SAVE LIVES in combat, and other dangerous situations by eliminating the disorientation caused by blurred vision, from sweat rolling into and burning the eyes.

Joshua Cornell
1stPlt Platoon Sgt Golf Company 2nd Bn, 24th Marines


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